Creative Arts in Modern India: Essays in Comparative Criticism Vol. 1

Creative Arts in Modern India: Essays in Comparative Criticism Vol. 1

Title: Creative Arts in Modern India: Essays in Comparative Criticism Vol. 1
: Ratan PARIMOO, Indramohan SHARMA
Description: Volume one of a two-volume set that brings together papers from scholars on modern creative arts of India. The papers were originally presented at the national seminar ‘Comparative Aesthetics and Criticism of the Contemporary Arts,’ organised by the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in 1991.
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Language/s: English
: Interrelationship of the Arts – Kapila VATSYAYAN

Televising the Discovery of India

Place of the Modern in Indian Cultural Practice – Geeta KAPUR

Anthropology and Temporality: A Criticism of Theory and Discourse in the History of Anthropological Writing – Alexander HENN

Modernism: An Intellectual History – Prafulla C. KAR

A Conceptual Census of the Arts: A Note – Ashok R. KELKAR

The Imperative to Evaluate: Note towards a genealogy – Tejaswini NIRANJANA

The Indian Artist and the ‘Long Revolution’ – G.P. DESHPANDE

The Viability of Comparative Aesthetics – Rekha JHANJI

The Critical Literary Science: An introduction to its Method with a Reference to its Significance in the Indian Context – Niteen Gupte

Contemporary Aesthetics and Criticism – Ashok RANADE

Logistics and Aesthetics – D.D. MAHULKAR

Art Object and Creative Leap – Ranjit Singh RANGILA

Function of Literary Criticism in India – G.N. DEVI

Decolonising the Indian Mind – Namvar Singh

Why not Worship in the Nude?: Reflections of a Novelist in His Time – U.R. Anantha MURTHY

Taking off from the Ground: Hindi Literature and Contemporary Art Problems – Jagdish SHIVPURI

Transformation of a Legend: Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s ‘Luna’ – Parminder SINGH

Turmoil Beneath Balance: Reflections on Two Dalit Autobiographies from Maharashtra – S.P. PUNALEKAR

Dialogism and the Voice of the Dumb – Kikkeri NARAYAN

The IPTA in Bengal – Malini BHATTACHARYA

My Concept of Theatre – K.V. SUBBANNA

Peter Brook’s ‘Mahabharata’: A View from India – Rustom BHARUCHA

Punjabi Folk-Drama as a Discourse in Performance: Innuendo and Humour (A Perspective in Aesthetic Perception) – Ranjeet Singh BAJWA

Dramatic and Theatrical Spaces – Hasmukh BARADI

People’s Performances: A Perspective in Rural Communication – H.K. RANGANATH

Publisher/s: Books & Books , New Delhi, India
Year of Publication: 1995
No. of Pages: 348
No. of Copies: 1
Media Image: Creative Arts in Modern India Vol. 1 – Cover
Content Type/s: anthology

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