Need to study tribal culture stressed – DH, Dec 27, 2009

Need to study tribal culture stressed – DH, Dec 27, 2009

‘There is a need make an indepth study on tribal culture. According to an Anthropological study, there are 67 tribal community,’ said Mysore University Kannada Study Centre Director Dr Ambalike Hiriyanna.

Speaking at the Girijana Samskrithika Samavesh organised jointly by Kannada Culture department, Karnataka Janapada Academy at Thithimathi Government Junior College, he said “every culture is unique. There is a need to preserve tribal culture. In this background, there is a need for study on tribals.”

“In an era when forest is fast depleting, tribals should change their lifestyle. As a result, their art forms and culture will also change,” he said.

All the facilities enjoyed by the civilised society should reach tribals. However, some of the cruel rituals of tribal community should stop. There is a need to develop scientific temperament in them, he added.

Speaking on ‘tribal rituals,’ Mysore Linguistic Study Centre retired lecturer Dr Kikkeri Narayana said “the life of tribal community are not simple. They have their own rituals around the traditions. There is a need to understand their rituals before studying on the community.
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