Details about Prof.Kikkeri Narayana

Details about Prof.Kikkeri Narayana

B.A.– Maharaja’s College, Mysore 1970,

M.A–Deccan College,Pune1972.

Fellowship at Deccan College Pune for Research in Linguistics


Code switching and Linguistice Pattern among Nomadic tribes Marathi and Kannada

Budubudike 1980-Nomads of India-Anthopological  Survey of India, Calcutta.

Joined Central Institute of Indian Languages, Mysore in July 1974 as Research Assistant. Retired on 31 May 1979 as Academic Secretary.


1)Taught kannada as a second language in SRLC of CIIL from July 1974 to April 1975 as a Research Assistant in SRLC.

2) Teaching Kannada on special occasions

  1. a) Taught Kannada as a special course to the University and Central Government Officers 1974
  2. b) Teaching Kannada to IAS and IPS officers from 1074 onwards c) Administrative Kannada for middle level officers


1) 1972 onwards Research towards Ph.d degree  A linguistic Analysis of Metaphor in the kannada language and literature

2) 1975 July onwards as a Research Assistant in CIIL(Central Institute of Indian Languages) ,Mysore conducting research on teaching standard language to the speakers of non-standard language speakers.

3) A case study of Jenu Kurubas. Also includes field work experience under the study of ‘Tribal and Border Language Project ‘of CIIL.



  1. a) Participated in Orientation camps for tribal graduates held in CIIL,Mysore 1975 b) The second Orientation Camp Tribal and border language teachers/graduates of Nagaland and Manipur


  1. a) Participated in I All India linguistics conference in 1970 at Deccan College, Poona
  2. b) Attended and presented a paper in VII All India Dravidian Linguistics Conference in 1977 at Bangalore.


Television-Educational Proramme-Script written and produced Jenukuruba Bilingual Transfer of Model of Education

TV Programme (1987-1988) Three Scripts

1) Tribal life and Culture

2) Communication

3) Bilingual transfer model of education


  • Acted in several dramas of Samudaya: Prizes-III Prize in State level drama competition held at Gonikoppal Kodagu 1981
  • Thayi drama  I Prize State level drama competition at Mysore
  • Sayo Aata drama  I Prize Acting CIIL Recreation club competition Sayo Aata


CREATIVE WRITING- Suttatikada Devaru:Long-short story of Sri Krishna Alanahalli into English with Chandrabhanu Pattanayak. Accepted for publication in Penguin (India) Publications in the collection Kannada Short Stories.

Invitee to present paper UNESCO CIIL UNICEF India workshop on Multilingual Education with special focus on TribAL Education October 25-27  2005 at CIIL Mysore





National Seminar  workshop on standardisation of Gondi Dictionary sponsored by CIIL Mysore held on 24-29 August 2014 at Giriseeme-Darpana Kannada University Hampi

Documentary film on Jenukuruba screening at Chenna -Wednesday 25 July 2007

Gave half an hour speech on “Kannada – Tomorrow” topic in Alva’s College , Moodubidare for “NudiSiri” programme on 18/11/2016.


1) Aaneyaagi Barunu (Come as elephant) in tribal language telecast in Chandana TV many times

2) Kaadu Koli-Jodi Navilu in tribal language 2002 Abhiruchi Prakashana Mysore 3) English Translation Wild fowl and a pair of Pea cocks   translated by Smt.Suma Embrar Published in Indian Literature Central Sahitya Academi’s Bi-Monthly journal New Delhi 3) Bidiru mandala Directed by Sri M.S.Sathyu staged at Rangayana Mysore


1)Kannamucche Kaadegoode June 1978 Mayura Kannada monthly

2) Nepathya February 1978 Mayura

3) Garbadinda Garbakke Sankramana Maasika Sahitya sankalana October November 1978


  • Boregowda Mallige October 1970
  • Kannumuchhale Mallige December 1971
  • Longer Grass Poona Herald 3 Sept 1971
  • Back to the village Poona Heraldd 12 September 1971


1)Jenunudi (Primer) in tribal language for Jenukurubs October 1982

2) Adivasis of India and Development strategies in 2004. Publised Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing countries,Netherlands in 2004

3)AKKA(2004) CIIL Mysore  (A Dialogue on woment through theatre in India(Female lead and Women’s Empowerment

4) Jenukuruba budakattu janangada avyakta samskritika parampare 2011 publication National Folklore support centre Chennai 60003

5) Budakattu Samskriti 2011 Publishers Aruhu kuruhu Mysore

6)Jenunudi-A Multilingual dictionary First time in the country. Trilingual Reversible dictionary Appreciation from UNESCO Endangered language  ‘Jenu Kuruba: NFSC(National Folklore Support Centre)

First scholar in the country to get fellowship from Ratan Tata Institute for 3 years to work on endangered tribal language JENUKURUBA

7) Descriptionn grammar of Sanketi language Sanketi bhaaseya varna samanvaya 2004

8)Balangochi a social novel 1981 Nelamane publication Mysore Considered second best novel of year 1981under the auspices of ‘Granthaloka’ by Sri H.M.Nayak   Member of Central Sahitya Academy

9) South Asian languages Edited by Sweden publisher 2011

10)A Guide to Kannada speech sounds and script for Second Language Learners Published by CIIL Mysore 1995

11)Thumbe Hoovittu sharanenni collection of folk songs Maharaja college publication 1969

12)Kannada speech sounds for second language learners for IOWA University Part I Published  CIIL JUly 1994

13) Kannada for English language speakers for Iowa University Part II CIIL July 1994

14)Language and Theatre 2007 Publisher CIIL Mysore

15) Jenunudi kaliyaaku (kannada) IPCL model State Resource centre HD Kote Road Mysore Karnataka 2001-2002

16) Jenukurubas-Masters of the forest CIIL Mysore 2009

17) Baluvu (kannada) Bettakuraba book

18) Jenukuruba stories

19) Jenunudi copy book CIIL Mysore

20)A workbook on Administrative Kannada with Sri S S durajan and Dr.S.Mallikarjun

21) Response sheets No.2 4 and 6 for employees of Karnataka Government

22)Kannada textbook for those who do not know Kannada (with others) 1987 CIIL Mysore and Dept of Kannada and Culture Government of Karnataka

23) Kannada Textbook for Indira Gandhi National Open University (with others) 4 VOLUMES

24) Handbook on Teaching of Poetry in Kannada

25) Preparation of Handbook Questionnaire for Post-matriculation selectors 1988 Material Production

26) Prepared II year PUC Kannada Text Book for PreUniversity Board Bangalore Published

27)Prepared II year Primary school textbook for the Directorate of Kannada text book Govt of karnataka

28) Participated as a resource person in the preparation of III standard Kannada Text book and completed the Text book jointly sponsored by CIIL and the Directorate of Text Books, Kerala Government. All published.

29) Discourse on cultural model of illness among the Jenukurubas of Karnataka

30) Periyapattanada Kaalaga Jaanpada Mahaakavya sangraha Manuscript


1) a aa e ee Writer story, Lyrics  dialogue kannada movie  Producer Sandesh Nagaraj 2) Huli Banthu Huli Writer Story Lyrics Dialogue 1978 Based on the life of Jenu kurubas a tribal community

3) Feature film script on Odalala a kannada film based on an awarded novel

Story and script writing award

Film a aa e ee Kannada film for children International children’s film festival bengaluru Jan 27 to Feb 2nd

Adhyaksha 2014 kannada viswavidyalaya budakattu janagada achdyayana kendra 2014 first sammelana

sarvadhyaksha; second budakattu sammelanat 2009-2010 Sri Bhuvanendr ollege Karkala Golden jublee year 2009-2010

Adyaksha Maharshi savitha adhyayana kendra dn samskritika prathisthana 18.10.2014

Few articles in English among many

1)Space and Cosmology of Jenukurubas

2) Phallus worship in Jenukurubas

3)Oral traditional knowledge

4)Folklore and Oral History

5) Folklore and Discourse

6) Bilingualism -Some Teaching problems in Bidialectal situation Paper presented at II

All India Conference of Dravidian linguistic conference

7) Jenukuruba Ramayana A structural analysis Ramakatha in Folk

and Tribal tradition  Ed Jawaharlal Handoo Dr Datta Publication Anthropological Survey of India

8) Mythical Discourse-History Power Knowledge and Sexuality (writing history-tribal way)

9) Linguistic cohesion in a Kannada vacana 1986 (Indian linguistics)

and many other articles in English.

Few in Kannada:

1)shamans  in Aruhu kuruhu April June 2009

2) Jenukurubaralli sthala haagu brahmanadada parikalpane

Aruhu kuruhu April June 2013

3) Jagathikarana mathu budakattur samaja Yojana Jan 2014

4) Jack lekam-Thingalu April 2010

5) Michael Bhakthin- Thingalu May 2009

6) Vishwamanava Joseph Campbell -Thingalu September 2009

and many other articles in Kannada in many magazines.


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